Success, where technology meets business goals” is our motto. It comes from years of experience and listening to companies that were not happy with their IT departments or external IT firms. It refers to companies not having clearly defined marketing, sales, and customer support goals and IT firms that build websites that don’t meet the needs of its customers.

At OpenLava, we maximize the potential of your web presence with our services. Your success is our success.

Our Story

OpenLava Software Inc has been around since the early spring of 2000. The first dotcom crash had just occurred and IT companies were folding everywhere. There was lots of development talent and no jobs. We formed a company but were not sure what we wanted to do, we just knew that we wanted to work together to build a product.

We eventually came up with an idea for a product, did the market research, and then spent time to build out a proof of concept that we could demo. We had good responses from investors and potential customers, but our ambitions outstretched our resources and we ended up stopping development.

We are a now a services company and have been for the past 17 years.

We would love to hear from you!

If you have a question about our services, ideas you would like to share, or feedback on our services or website, please reach out anytime.