Want to see customers or potential customers go all scrunchy-faced? Just mention that commenting on a website should be allowed. The typical reactions are

What if the customer says something negative about us?

What if they say something negative about our products?

Competitors would trash our company and products. Why would I allow that?

Are you crazy? I’ll get spammed with messages for buying Viagara or negative comments with swear words.

I’m busy enough without having to manage comments.

I already know what my customers are going to say. Why would I open myself up to attacks?

If people are trashing your business or products, you want to know. If you don’t have commenting available on your website, people will trash you on social media or through word of mouth. Allowing commenting on your website brings these comments into an environment that you control, monitor, and can respond to in a professional manner.

Maybe the comments that are made are valid which you don’t realize. For example, the comments could be about streamlining your customer service process or incorrect information or a product with a part that constantly breaks. You can take all this information and improve your business processes and products.

A comment made does not automatically get displayed. You can have an approval and filtering process that automatically rejects comments with swear word or contains links to negative sites. Also, you can add a captcha to ensure an actual person is making the comment rather than some automated process spamming you with ads for other products.

Finally, if you develop a community of customers that frequent your website, satisfied customers will actually defend against negative comments and give you positive reviews. This is the ultimate benefit because these are happy customers using your products and services speaking up for your company

Contact OpenLava about enabling commenting on your website.

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