As more businesses go online, it becomes more difficult to standout. You can have the coolest, fastest, most informative website but if you can’t be found in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other, no one is going to see your website. The progression of technology at lower costs has lead to ubiquitous mobile phone use. Now more people are using mobile phones over desktops to browse the internet and conduct business. The problem with many of today’s websites are that they were designed and built over 5 years ago. If your website is old, it’s time for an update. Here’s why.

Page Loading Speed

How long are you willing to wait for a website to load? The longer the page takes to load, the more people will think it’s broken. Suppose you goto a website and it takes 5 seconds to load the home page and you’re thinking it’s not that bad. Now imagine you want to check out their products and every page takes 5 seconds to load. Frustrated enough to move onto a competitor’s website? Abandonment and page loading speed are some of the factors that affect page ranking and where your website appears in search results. Websites need to be optimized to minimize page loading speed.

Responsive Design

Try loading a website on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. How does it look? If the view on mobile is exactly the same as on your desktop computer except much smaller, the website is not responsive. Can you imagine trying to view and navigate through the website from your phone? Every page would need to be enlarged with constant scrolling horizontally to read text and view images. Responsive design makes a website naturally useable on any device without having to horizontal scroll or zoom in to read content. As browser and html (language used to display web pages) evolve, old web pages may stop functioning correctly or may not look good. Periodic review of websites on phone, tablet, and desktops are required to ensure the website is working correctly.

Internet Marketing

On what page of search results does your website appear when searching for your products or services? Perhaps it was on page one 5 years ago but with over 180,000,000 active website according to a January 2020 Netcraft survey, it’s hard to remaining on page one as search engine are continuing to tweak their algorithms to display the best content to match search keywords.Websites need constant tuning of their content to remain relavent to search engines and to rank high.

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