Your website plays a vital marketing, sales, and customer support role for your business. Periodic maintenance is a must to keep it secured and working correctly. Maintenance is not an oil change; it’s a comprehensive examination and verification of your website.

OpenLava offers flexible maintenance contracts to meet the needs of your business. At a minimum the contract includes

  • backup of website files and database backup
  • page speed test before and after updates
  • review of log files
  • blacklist check
  • updating of modules or plugins
  • visual review the website on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • testing of contact forms and submissions to a CRM
  • broken links identification
  • fixing any visual errors and coding errors as time permits
  • report of work done

The contract can be expanded to include

  • content updates and image optimization
  • Updates for SEO such as meta description
  • validation of goals and events in analytics tools

Let’s talk and get your website updated today!

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